What the heck is a highfalutin duck!? Apparently, it’s a quail.

Wife. Mother. Food Lover. Welcome to The Highfalutin Duck!

Late one Friday night (when anyone halfway respectable  should be in bed) The Man and I found ourselves at the Pancake Palace. A 24-hour diner that was a local rival to your standard Waffle House. Breakfast, lunch and dinner served all day, every day. But anyone with any sense ordered breakfast, no matter what time of day it was.

My go-to was always the bacon, egg and cheese croissant, hash browns with onions & cheese, and a bowl of grits. Carb, calorie and cholesterol overload – but after a few hours at happy hour, who cares about any of that…

Anyone who ventured past the breakfast and lunch menus would find themselves with the elusive dinner menu, and the most interestingly unexpected item choice – the quail dinner (option of 1 or 2 quail, by the way). This was NOT the place to be ordering fresh game or anything that didn’t involve cheap cuts or cured meat. Who in their right mind would order quail from a dump like this!?

Well I asked Doris (our regular waitress). According to her, nobody ever ordered the quail. In fact, she wasn’t even sure what a quail was. “Some sort of highfalutin duck I imagine!” No, not really….but the phrase stuck. She even pulled one of those highfalutin ducks out of the deep freeze to investigate. “Yep, just some highfalutin duck…” she determined.

Highfalutin duck became a joke, a euphemism, and a memory of a great night carrying on in a dumpy diner way past bed time. It’s nothing special, but it carries the air of importance. Just like my cooking. The majority of the recipes you’ll find here are made from scratch with fresh ingredients. Despite this being the most natural way to cook and eat food, it has become far from the norm.  With the convenience and perceived cheapness of fast food, processed foods and junk, “fresh” and “homemade” seem inaccessible, expensive and highfalutin. Give some of these recipes the time and love needed to make a great meal, and you’ll soon reprogram your thinking about good food.

Who are we? I am Charlotte, the home cook, writer, photographer, editor and stay at home mom that created and runs this site. Raised mostly in South Arkansas, I moved to Savannah, Georgia at the ripe ole age of 17. Here I attended the Savannah College of Art & Design and graduated with a degree in photography. I am a “self taught” home cook. That means I didn’t go to culinary school – that does not mean that I just woke up one day and taught myself to cook. My cooking influences include my mom, family friend Paula Reynolds, and the early days of the Food Network. I also spent the early part of my 20’s reading cookbooks for fun (who needs a drama when you can learn about the science and pleasure of food!?). Some of my favorites include The Joy of Cooking, The Cook’s Bible, and Starting With Ingredients.

Next to enter the picture was The Man. He does have an actual name (Mark) but Man suits him just fine. He’s a hard working aircraft mechanic that spends his free time in the garage tinkering on various projects (including a K5 Blazer, 1986 Suzuki Samurai, and a Honda Odyssey ATV). Early in our courtship, after I had made him dinner for one of the first times, he promised to always do the dishes as long as I kept cooking like that. I can’t even remember what I made, but I remember that promise. And I remind him when he seems to have forgotten ;)

The icing on the cake is Little Miss. Valerie  is 3 going on 16 and a downright mess. Smart as hell, sassy, energetic, and drop dead gorgeous. If she gets through high school without me or The Man having to take out a few hormone fueled teenage boys, I will be shocked… Aside from that, she’s a great help in the kitchen. Her measuring and stirring are so-so, but her taste-testing skills are on point (especially when it comes to desserts)!

I hope you enjoy my site. Whether you like the food, the pictures, or the writing, I hope you find something that brings you back. Comments, suggestions and praise are always appreciated. Any remarks about technical issues, grammar/editing etc. are not as exciting to get….but also appreciated (but send that kind of stuff via private e-mail).


4 thoughts on “About

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  2. Charlotte….I loved reading about the background of “Highfalutin Duck” …IT’s always a treat to read what you write, too, since your writing has such a conversational feel to it. I can just imagine listening to you as I read. Happy cooking! Love you!

  3. Love your intro! I read cookbooks, too, but enjoy your blog even more. Your choice of recipes is varied and interesting. I especially like the running commentary about preparing the dish, helpful for me. My result may not always look the same, but it is delicious. Keep blogging, dearheart!

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