About the Recipes

Thank you for visiting The Highfalutin Duck! I hope you enjoy my recipes, photography, and writing. Here are a few notes to help you further enjoy my blog :


Writing “Tablespoon” repeatedly is getting a little tiresome. From now on I will be using some pretty standard abbreviations for units of measurements :

C. – cup
T. – Tablespoon
tsp. – teaspoon
Oz. – ounce
Lb. – pound
Qt. – quart


You don’t like onions? Leave them out! Out of a particular spice? Use something comparable! You think adding mushrooms would be awesome? Go for it! My recipes are only suggestions. I prepare food the way my family likes it – and you should do the same for yours. Adjust the measurements (they are only estimates anyways….) and ingredients to your liking. Feel free to be creative, try new things, and (most importantly) have fun in the kitchen. Unless otherwise noted :

Flour – all purpose, unbleached flour
Butter – unsalted


I have a lot of recipes that call for alcohol. Beer and wine are full of flavor, and the cooking process typically removes the actual alcohol. But if you do not have the alcohol on hand, or prefer not to use alcohol in your cooking, then by all means don’t. A good substitute is chicken or vegetable stock. Or if necessary, just plain water. But you will want to adjust your seasonings – adding water to anything will tone down the flavors.


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