So I Finally Wrote an “About Me”

I’m 6 months into my life as a blogger, and I decided it was past time for me to write my “About Me” page. So here it is!

What the heck is a highfalutin duck!? Apparently, it’s a quail.

Wife. Mother. Food Lover. Welcome to The Highfalutin Duck!

Late one Friday night (when anyone halfway respectable  should be in bed) The Man and I found ourselves at the Pancake Palace. A 24-hour diner that was a local rival to your standard Waffle House. Breakfast, lunch and dinner served all day, every day. But anyone with any sense ordered breakfast, no matter what time of day it was.

My go-to was always the bacon, egg and cheese croissant, hash browns with onions & cheese, and a bowl of grits. Carb, calorie and cholesterol overload – but after a few hours at happy hour, who cares about any of that…

Anyone who ventured past the breakfast and lunch menus would find themselves with the elusive dinner menu, and the most interestingly unexpected item choice – the quail dinner (option of 1 or 2 quail, by the way). This was NOT the place to be ordering fresh game or anything that didn’t involve cheap cuts or cured meat. Who in their right mind would order quail from a dump like this!?

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