Because Everybody Likes Free Stuff!

UPDATE!! Congratulations to Mr. Toad – you have won a $25 gift card to Brave New restaurant in Little Rock, Arkansas! And even though you said you didn’t want to win, your name was pulled from the hat…

Thank you to everyone who shared the blog and registered for the giveaway!

The Highfalutin Duck is celebrating it’s 2 month anniversary! I want to give a big “Thank You!” to all my loyal readers – I can’t believe there are actually 77 of you!? But I’ve been brainstorming ways to make our little duck community a little bigger – and it dawned on me. Everybody likes free stuff! I’ve seen other bloggers do it, and decided we should give it a try. So I ask you to please participate in the very first Highfalutin Duck Giveaway!

Here’s the rules :

1. Follow the blog – either via e-mail or Facebook. If you already follow the blog, then you are one step ahead.

2. Pick your favorite post from The Highfalutin Duck and share/post it on your Facebook wall. If you don’t have a Facebook account, share it with 5 people via e-mail (I can’t check that you’ve actually done this, so we are going on the honors system here!)

3. Report back here with a comment that includes which post you shared and the name of your favorite restaurant (local or chain).

What you can win :

A $25 gift card to your favorite restaurant!

The giveaway will run through Sunday, March 10th (that’s 2 weeks). Then I will draw a name at random, and contact the winner!


13 thoughts on “Because Everybody Likes Free Stuff!

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  2. I don’t want to win, but I’ll participate. I shared Chicken Meyers, and my favorite restaurant is Brave New, here in Little Rock.
    Local Lime is a fairly new Mexican place in the Promenade in west LR – haven’t been there yet because every time we try, it’s too crowded. (Hate to wait….)

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