What’s on the Plate This Week? 12/30/2012

Sushi. Definitely sushi! Oh, not that I know how to make it (although I’d love to learn). The Man and I have a New Year’s Eve date at Ele Fine Fusion, which I am real excited for! But with a holiday this week, my usual Sunday meal planning and shopping gets thrown out of whack. So where I will usually use this weekly post to tell you what I will be cooking/posting about in the days to come – I don’t have much to tell you about this week. The only definite on the menu (other than my sushi night out) is Sunday dinner.

The weather is crappy and it’s the last week of regular season football, so there is only one thing i can think to cook – CHILI! A big pot of chili. Chili that starts with cubes of steak and simmers all day until the meat falls apart….where the beans and meat and tomatoes meld into one indistinguishable bite of spicy deliciousness…..served with a grilled cheese sandwich, and a buffet of toppings….a pint of Guinness to wash it down…. Are you hungry yet? I’m starving – better hit the grocery store and get the pot going!


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